The world of fashion and retail is not always the most welcoming when it comes to job searching, which is why it is so nice to find out that high street retailer Peacocks are embarking upon a recruitment drive to help encourage potential new employees.

Peacocks have teamed up with The Sun to take part in their Sunemployment road show and have 400 vacancies available for the right people. This could be great for anyone wanting to take the first steps in a career that allows them to work with clothes for a living, and when the clothes involved include the gorgeous Peacocks By Design range or the items introduced in the Pearl Lowe for Peacocks collection it could turn out to be a dream job.

Over the last few years the fashion items available in store and online at Peacocks have been going from strength to strength which puts anyone going into a fashion retail career with them in an exciting position.

From celebrity collections to designer inspired fast fashion, Peacocks seem to be on the ball when it comes to innovative product launches which would present an exciting challenge for anyone entering the company at any level.

Anyone thinking about entering this line of work as a student could probably benefit from a part time job in a retailer like Peacocks, as not only does it give you the chance to start building up contacts in the fashion retail world – you can also learn about the structure of a fast moving clothing chain.

You’ve placed your bet on Kate’s possible dresses, you’ve hung your bunting and set the Sky Plus – but with just one day to go what will you be wearing to celebrate the Royal Wedding?

Unfortunately many of us don’t have as grand a budget (or venue) as Kate Middleton, but the good news is that there has been a range of great options on value for money dresses, accessories and homeware to match to the wonderful outfits of you and your friends.

And when we say dresses, we mean dresses – you can’t show up at a Royal Wedding in jeans, even if your attendance isn’t actually physical because you are sitting in front of the television at home.

The best outfits to go for are the ones you could see yourself going to an actual wedding in, but just a bit less formal.

Maxi dresses are great for Royal Wedding barbeques, while we’re sure Kate would approve of prim and proper tea dresses with a fitted cardigan which is perfect for enjoying some cucumber sandwiches in front of the television with friends and family.

Midi length skirts are a cool alternative if you are heading to a street party or the local pub as they are smart enough for the occasion, but edgy enough to dance in should the celebrations carry on into the night.

You can easily customise any of the above dresses to give them a fun, regal edge with the range of tiaras, hats and Kate Middleton inspired jewellery on the high street.

The Spring/Summer 2011 Pearl Lowe range of dresses has just arrived online at the Peacocks website. We are a big fan of this seasons designs (and we’re not alone), we think that these will be pretty rapid sellers.

What does everyone think of the new designs? Let us know your thoughts 🙂

Daisy Lowe models Pearl Dress

Daisy Lowe in one of the new SS11 Dresses

Big trend on the catwalks lately has been a kind of retro 1970s revival thing going on. Even the hair is back.

Somehow though I don’t think that the actual flared trouser will come back in to fashion – when times are tough economically it doesn’t make sense to use all that cloth.

Apart from that though, it’s all good:

Read in the news over the past week that at Peacocks clothes, flat shoes are outselling heels. This is actually a pretty major story in a way. I mean, we thought that heels sales would tower over flats sales forever. This footwear sea-change has been brought about in part by the success of Darren Aronofsky’s new ballet thriller Black Swan which has just taken international lead at the box offiice.

The thing about these flat womens shoes is that – surprise – they pack in just as much mystique and style as heels.

Now that there’s more TV channels than ever, multiplex cinemas, magazines, websites, mobile phones to read websites on … pretty much more of everything in terms of media – it’s pretty much no wonder that many people are celebrity obsessed. Celebrity obsession takes many forms – from pop music to football to film to fashion to politics, and there are dedicated websites, magazines and cable TV shows to sate even the most enthusiastic celeb-obsessor’s hunger for celebrity news fixes.

A recent trend in celeb-watching, celeb-blogging, celeb-papping has been the rise of pregnant celeb fashion blogging. No, I don’t mean famous expectant mothers blogging on fashion, I mean people blogging about the maternity styles worn by famous women. And, of course, the news on all the latest celeb hatches.

A cool example of the latter is which has more info on this stuff than anyone could possibly ever need. Blogwise, although sadly it’s lain dormant for a few months) shows how to turn on the maternity style.

All of which just goes to show just how much the maternity clothes market has changed lately. It’s become proper fashion, not just some kind of a secondary stopgap, a fashion genre in its own right. And rightly so.

The Pearl Lowe clothing collections for Peacocks have all been very successful, with the designer’s winter 2010-11 collection gathering plaudits everywhere from the fashion pages to daytime television, and there were also stories of celebrities clamouring for these smart designs when they were released late last year.

Pearl Lowe’s daughter Daisy has seen the success of this fast fashion phenomenon at first hand, having modelled the Pearl Lowe collections for high street retailer Peacocks clothes. As fashion apprenticeships go, there’s probably none better.

So it’s apt that Daisy Lowe has turned her hand to designing her very own range of swimwear for Peacocks. The forthcoming range (due to hit the shops in May) is already creating a huge media buzz, with fashion editors everywhere covering the story.

Inspired by an impressive range of influences including ‘family holidays in Europe, iconic 50s pin-ups and classic vintage shapes”, the range has already seen media coverage from as far afield as mainland Europe, Japan and Russia.

We haven’t seen any pictures of the range yet here at WCTW, but we’ll be sure to post some as and when they become available. The range is due in the shops in May. We’ll post more on this story as it gathers pace, and as the weather warms up!

Generally, women buy more clothes than guys do and as a result women’s clothes are lower in price than mens clothes – because they buy about four or five times as many items as a bloke does.

But in terms of relative pricing, things are beginning to change as men are now sold fast fashion and more often want something new to wear on a night out. It’s altered days from the long since era when a night out just meant throwing on an old sweatsirt and jeans then heading off down the boozer.

Design technology, supply chain management technology, improved communications – all of these things mean that fashion is no longer something that develops slowly. New looks and styles can hit the streets much faster than before.

That’s not to say that the old favourite type garments won’t endure. There will always be a place for the more traditional clothes we all sometimes like to wear such as plain jumpers and so on.

Even despite the tough economic conditions the country faces, we are still in a golden age of fashion. And long may it continue.

I hadn’t seen a pair of flares since the Madchester revival night at the local disco in 2006. Rave on!