What colours to wear this summer fashion season


Over at Fashion Trendsetter they’ve been putting palletes of colours for female fashion online for a while now. I find these really great guides to what colours go well together. If you want to have a look the Spring/Summer 2008 selection is here.

Thankfully I avoided the whole ‘new rave’ stuff that was going about a while ago. And instead focused on some traditional clothing cuts and styles. The current set of colours goes far better than many of those in the past with my skin tone – unlike those garish flourescent pinks/yellows/greens.

Currently Peacocks Fashion and Oasis seem to be the best bets for finding ranges within the colour trend lists for this summer.

Later this week I’ll be posting about some of the nice pieces I’ve found when meandering through the Internet. As soon as I get time – without my boss looking – I’ll have these online for you.

Say hello in the comments below.


6 Responses to “What colours to wear this summer fashion season”

  1. 1 mary

    I think for this summer, the colours are going to be “safari” or “tribal” as well as bright colours because it’s coming back as a trendsetter.

    Oh and that “feminine” is the way to go such as dressing as a lady than a bad image.
    What are your opinions on my theories? lol

    hope to hear from you.

  2. 3 Susan Smith


    I think for this summer, the colours are going to be bright and happy. The cold colours and with pattern as leopard for that night.
    For men the colours are going to be black and white.
    What is your opinion about my theory?

    Best wishes,

  3. 4 aim

    plz do tell me wht to wear …becoz i m desprate of wearing westren wear but with more decency and less valguarity….plz do suggest wht to wear..i think long body short sleave shirts r in…. and i wanted a write place to find them

  4. I like to wear the cool color,like the green and the blue.

  1. 1 The Path to Great Shoes « What Clothes To Wear - womens highstreet fashions

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