Stylish Maternity Clothing


Do stylish maternity clothes really exist?

I decided, on the back of Clair getting pregnant, that I’d do a post on maternity clothing and see if there is such a thing as stylish maternity clothes. I’m convinced they must as the world is full of yummy mummys wearing very nice clothes during pregnancy but if you can get them online may be another thing.

Stage One in finding stylish maternity clothes

My first step is always to Google it. The first couple of results were for blogs and blog related things (does no one want to cater to women who want to wear clothes during pregnancy that will make them feel good about themselves?).

After a quick bit of trawling I came to three stores all of which grabbed my attention: FunMum, PushMaternity and Peacocks. Two of these are specialists in female pregnancy wear and one is a value high street chain. And of these Push Maternity isn’t even online! I hate websites that don’t exist or aren’t working. As a consumer if I go into a shop advertising a product and its not there I leave, and very often don’t return. If they can’t be polite enough to have advertised products on sale why should I give them my money. (sorry for the rant)


Funmum does what it says on the tin – it supplied clothes for younger mum who still want to look cute, sassy and attractive. I liked the ‘baby under construction’ top. The expectant mother in the pic was truly glowing – which is a great, positive image for mothers to be.

Peacocks Maternity Clothing Range

Peacocks isn’t a ‘dedicated’ maternity store. Its a high street shop, like Matalan and Primark. Think value fashion and you’ll not be too far off the mark. The maternity clothes range at Peacocks was actually pretty good – they dont have models in any of the clothes I could see which is a shame. I like to see the clothes on someone before I make an informed decision on them. That said the bootleg maternity trousers look good – and at only £10 you can’t go too far wrong.

So can you get stylish maternity clothing online? I’m afraid the Jury’s out on this one from my point of view. According to Google I should just be reading blogs and stuff – why? I want to buy maternity clothes – not read about them.

If you know anywhere that I’ve missed – or Google just didn’t find please let me know in the comments below.


2 Responses to “Stylish Maternity Clothing”

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