Free Delivery on all Clothes


Cheers to the Guys @ cheap clothes rule for letting me know that Peacocks Clothes are doing free delivery for a limited time – I wish it was for longer but the free delivery is only available until the 28th of August 2008. If you spend £40 you get free delivery (delivery normally costs £3.95).

Top Shop Delivery Costs

Over at TopShop you don’t get free delivery until you’ve spent £100. I double checked this figure as I thought I’d made a mistake but nope.

Miss Selfridge Delivery Costs

At Miss Selfridge you don’t get any free delivery at all! You need to give them £4 for all orders. Come on Miss Selfridge you can do better than this!

Campaign For Free Delivery on Women’s Clothes

Having found all these prices out – and being surprised I think it’s about time we all campaign for these large online stores to give us free delivery. I understand that free delivery can’t be available on all clothes – as they need to make a profit. But at about thirty pounds or so I’d be happy to spend a little bit more and get free delivery. I know when I shop at Amazon I’m always buying extra books just to get the free delivery.
Join our campaign for better free delivery terms @


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