Winter Cardigans in 2008


With so many high street shops releasing their Autumn/Winter ranges in the last couple of weeks it seems like the appropriate time to see where they’ve been getting their inspiration from. Every Winter the thing I want most is a new jumper or cardigan. That one piece of clothing which is going to keep me warm – without looking like I’m wearing a sack that used to contain potatos. Here are some of the ones I’ve found that are will be in my mind when I go shopping this weekend (it’s pay day on Friday afterall)

Top Shop – Long Pink Cardigan

Last year I just stole guys cardigans left, right and center. Now this year I can have my own as some of them are looking great

It looks fab – don’t you think. I love the split down the front – would go well with a blouse or a funky t shirt. Unfortunately websites are a bit naff at letting you see what clothes will look like together (I wish someone would develop a way). This cardigan is £35 – will have to go in store and have a feel of it first as I’m not parting with cash until I know how it feels on my skin – nothing worse than an itchy cardie.

Peacocks – Black Striped Boyfriend Jumper

Its got a bit less colour than the visid pink one above but I think at only £10 this could be my bargain buy for the Winter.

And once I found these two at the highstreet stores online I ran out of ones I liked. So I did some rummaging in Google to see where has an outsider cardigan for this winter.

Organic Cardiagn from Atsui

Japanese cardigans are going to be big this in 2009. Its my fashion pick for 2009 and some of the designers over there have been taking classic lines and form of clothes and mashing them up for ages. And Atsui are continuing this trend. OK I’m never going to buy it – as $225 is a bit beyond the shopping I’m willing to do online but it’s gorgeous!

I need to buy more Japanese clothing. I keep seeing pieces and thinking what I could wear it with. Am immensely jealous. Maybe next year someone will pay for me to go so I can go shopping :p


One Response to “Winter Cardigans in 2008”

  1. 1 uberuberminx

    The Japanese street fashion scene is extremely vibrant and your jaws will drop at the prices (way too cheap!). Happy shopping! Great blog you have by the way. Just popping by to say hi!

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