It’s too damn cold to wear dresses!


After the dampest August I can remember it’s now freezing. Absolutely Baltic in temperature – OK I exaggerate its about 13°C but it’s still too damn cold to wear a nice dress. I don’t mean a nice airy summery frock that catches the breeze just any kind of dress that doesn’t look dull or boring. I’m sure its not just my wardrobe where  Spring/Summer = Dresses and Colours : Autumn/Winter = Grey Lifeless Shapeless Sacks. So in an effort to try and get this month started on a better note I’ve had a look with the help of my friends: Mrs Google and Mrs Yahoo!, to find some nice dresses for Autumn/Winter 2008.

What Styles are in this Autumn/Winter?

I keep hearing that the ‘Goth‘ look is in. Aaaarrrrgggghhhh – I’ll look an older version of my niece (and you’ll never see me in a ‘my chemical romance‘ t-shirt). Inspite of this trend for drab grey/black clothing the Copenhagen International Fashion Fair have came to my rescue with their style guide. Lovely oranges and some nice purples look like they could be the way to go.

Mrs Google listings for Orange Dresses

After a quick search and then a rummage about in the image files I found a lovely orange dress – ok its not very Autumnal but its lovely.

After my dream like diversion into Spring/Summer I did return to clothes for this Autumn/Winter.

Last year Emiko Miki’s Autumn/Winter range had really vivid oranges in it – the kind we all remember British Autumns having in the past. You know the colour of the leaves we used to kick our way through – rather than the soggy brown smelly ones that seem to stick to every pavement just now.

Also a big shout out to Net A Porter – when I clicked on their search result for a dress I got a decent response that the dress was out of stock – no errors no searching for it straight to the point and whats more they told me to email for alternative suggestions! They’re gonna help me find new clothes :p (check back next week to find out how I get on – am really excited). I stuck a screen grab below – I hope other merchants take note as I’m getting fed up with looking for something and getting a useless page that just ruins my experience of shopping online & TY to Andy for showing me how to ‘screengrab‘.

High Street Autumn Dresses

There are not many nice orange dresses available anywhere from what I can see online from the major UK fashion stores – come on guys get the finger out! There are orange dresses and there are nice dresses but very little where the two join.

  • Peacocks Dresses – no orange. They do have a nice cream cutwork dress but its not really Autumnal (but @ £7 I’m not going to complain too much).
  • Top Shop – orange dress but its not very nice. And as they want £50 for it they can go whistle.
  • Miss Selfridge – thought I’d be clever and click the link under the the Miss Selfridge page in Google marked dresses and guess what I get a blank page! Come on Google and or Miss Selfridge do me a favour and dont give me rubbish please.

I’m now out of energy and am hoping that the kind people at Net A Porter are going to give me some nice suggestions.

The Givenchy Coat

Quick shout out to The Search For Chic – having just seen her post about the Givenchy Coat I want one. I want one. I want one.


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  1. Thanks for the info
    You are right, it becomes cold, you need something pertain to my favorite:)

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