River Island – Treat me like an adult not a teenager


Sorry for the bad spelling in the title of this post – but its purposeful to highlight the issue I want to raise. I hate being treated like an idiot and I feel thats what River Island are doing. Treating me like an idiot – I know its great to be ‘down with the kids’ but get a grip folks. Kids text message each other woo hoo – but I expect a store to communicate with me like an adult.

Today I received this email:

River Island Email that got my goat

River Island Email that got my goat.

It looks fine – usual higstreet fashion email. But the language they chose to use is below that of a text messaging teenager!!!!

Since when did they feel they had the right to communicate with me in this way! ‘Click-thru now’ is listed as their call to action on the email buttons – please River Island get a marketing company that knows how to communicate with their audience. I know what they thought they were doing – and I’m sure you all thought it was a really cool thing to do but its not. If you want my money appeal to me as a consumer – we’re in the middle of a credit crunch talk about value, quality use words like ‘cheap’ to hook me but dont talk to me as if I’ma  twelve year old. Twelve year olds dont shop online (something to do with credit cards only being available to over 18’s) so speak to me as an adult.


3 Responses to “River Island – Treat me like an adult not a teenager”

  1. 1 mimi

    12 year olds may not shop online – but seeing as 13 year olds can get debit cards, who is to say they don’t?!

  2. 2 janet

    Is this thread serious, just because it says thru, you really have to look closer. You are confused I can tell. This email was not made specially for you by the way.

  3. 3 sam

    The word ‘Thru’ was not used to make anuyhing sound childins, it was a small space and when people are flicking through something they aren’t going to read the long words, its the short, eyecatching words that will draw them in.
    Also, i’m 16 and have been shopping online with my debit card ever since i can remember.. also words like ‘cheap’ wouldnt really draw me in as it would just make me thing of cheap & tacky as this is what the word is most associated with. Most people open the email and just look at the items and prices anyway- if you dont like it, unsubscribe to the emails!

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