Credit Crunch Clothing – Sale or Scam


Everywhere I go the high street is laden with shops with a ‘sale’ on.  However most of the clothes that are at the special knock down prices are not this seasons clothes they may even be last years clothes. And the big ‘50% Off’ discount poster in lurid pink and black is just designed to get you in the door and look at everything else. I wish there was some honesty about this whole thing.

Times are tough for lots of people: money is tight, unemployment’s rising, the Labour party are spending our money on god knows what today, the Tories are too busy trying to score points, companies are going down the pan and along the high street companies are doing their best to get us through the doors. but most of the time its crap that’s discounted. Give me value, give me quality and give me honesty and you’ve got a loyal returning customer and an advocate of your brand. Give me crap customer service, misleading offers (legally they’re not misleading but personally they often feel that way), last seasons cast offs which no one wanted then let alone now and you’ve got an enemy who’ll spend their money elsewhere.

Here are some deals for you can use to try and beat the credit crunch.

H & M – 20% off in store purchases – Click ‘n’ print an online voucher

For all those fashionistas wanting to pick up a trendy bargain sign up to the H & M newsletter and you can get 20% off one purchase in store. To sign up, go the Hennes website and look out for the 20% off banner on the bottom right hand side of the front page (it rotates with other offers). Simply fill in your details and the voucher will be emailed to you which can be printed off and taken into the store with you.

American Apparel – 10% off online purchases – Click ‘n’ print an online voucher

Sign up to the American Apparel newsletter and receive a 10% off voucher code to use online. Just visit the site and sign up and you’ll then receive an email with your 10% off code. You can even up that discount to 15% by giving them some more information about yourself, just click on ‘Tell us more’ on your confirmation email, add your full address when prompted and you’ll get a 15% off code sent via email to use online.

Burton – 10% off online purchases – Sign up and get an online code

Sign up to the newsletter of men’s retailer Burton and receive 10% off your next purchase – your boyfriend may really appreciate the savings and take you out for dinner with it!Sign up you will immediately be sent a code that entitles you to 10% off your Burton online purchase. This voucher is only available online so you would have to pay the £3.95 charge for a standard 3-5 day delivery, and is valid for approximately two weeks from the date of registration.

Wallis – 10% off online and free delivery – Sign up and get an online code

The website of woman’s high street store Wallis is offering 10% off and free delivery (usually £4) when you sign up to its online newsletter. Simply fill in your details online and it will show you a code that you can enter straight away to get your 10% off on purchases of £30 or more. The discount doesn’t include delivery charges or gift cards and can only be used once per customer.

Aldo – 10% off lovely shoes, bags and accessories – Click ‘n’ print an online voucher

For fancy shoe lovers out there sign up on line to Aldo’s newsletter and receive a voucher for 10% off purchases made in store or online. Print off the voucher and use it in your local store or use the code printed on the voucher to shop with your discount online. The voucher is valid until 31 January 09, and the 10% discount applies to regularly priced merchandise only.

Other stores are have sales on just now:

  1. Peacocks Sale – Cheap Clothes just got cheaper (i know that sounds like a tag line from an eighties marketing campaign but I’ve left it in for humour value alone!)
  2. I know its not clothing but Urban Retro have a Sale on posters – I love these especially the prints from Ben the Illustrator



One Response to “Credit Crunch Clothing – Sale or Scam”

  1. 1 uberuberminx

    My god, how i wish there is a H&M in my area. 20% is way too good even before the pre-Christmas sale.

    Anyway, thank you so much for allow us to bookingmarking your blog on ours! Be sure to check it out (please please add our blog in yours too 🙂 )

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