5 Fashion Essentials of Summer 2009


No doubt by now you will have read several hundred posts on this very topic – every blogger worth their salt out there is trying to point you in the right direction of what to wear this summer. Never been shy of jumping on a bandwagon when it comes rolling past, we thought that we would chip in with what we feel are the clothes to wear this summer.

So, without any further ado, here are our top five fashions of the summer 2009………….men, we’ll do you next!

1 – Printed Leggings – these have been a divisive fashion item for a number of years, but since M.I.A started producing them for her own clothing line, they have suddenly became very cool again. Mix and match with care however.

Aztec Leggings - £10 from Peacocks

Aztec Leggings - £10 from Peacocks

2 – One-shouldered rules! – Very sexy look if done right, Tops and Dresses with one shoulder are really beginning to come into their own on the high street. Great for summer as they can be used in a variety of scenarios that may arise. Think simple and elegant and you can’t go far wrong, like this from Oasis……

Oasis one shoulder - £35

Oasis one shoulder - £35

3 – Transparent Layers – Think of Chiffon and you may have flashbacks of old pictures of your mum in the 1970s – however, this is the 21st century and things have moved on (a bit). Transparent layers are a great, subtle way of enhancing your look.

Aim for this with Chiffon

Aim for this with Chiffon

4 – Denim Skirts – This has been a controversial choice here at WCTW – but the majority prevailed and the denim skirt makes it in the list. Choose with care however.

Denim Skirts are in - we said so

Denim Skirts are in - we said so

5 – Short Leather Jackets a great compliment to any look. We like this from Promod, think Uma in Kill Bill Volume 2 and you’re on the right lines.

Promod short leather jacket - £99

Promod short leather jacket - £99

    Thats our five fashion essentials of summer 2009 –  whats great about these choices is that you can make an outfit by combining each element.

    If there are any other essential items that you feel should be included then please let us know – all comments are welcome!


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    1. the white cloth is so coool..

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