Maternity Wear Goes Grunge


Look im a guy – ive got no right at all really to comment on Maternity Fashion, it’s designed for a specific need. However, recently ive been quite taken aback by some of the Maternity Wear that is popping up on the high street shelves (i have a few mates who are currently preggers).

When did maternity go grunge?

I was browsing through Peacocks the other day and spotted a few of their maternity tops. They are probably the most pertinent example of the materna-grunge asthetic that seems to be all the rage these days – its all slogans, plaid and paisley patterns – im was half expecting Courtney Love and Kim Deal to be the poster girls for their range. Perhaps all the designers that they have are products of the early 90s glory days of grunge.

Plaid Maternity Shirt - 1993 style

Plaid Maternity Shirt - 1993 style

 Slogans as well

Slogans as well

Paisley patterns - grunge favourite

Paisley patterns - grunge favourite

Im not criticising you understand, i actually think its pretty cool – just so far removed from some of the rather unflattering outfits my mother sported in her time carrying myself and my brother – poor woman on so many levels!

Have you any more examples of the controversial maternity fashion? Let us know!…………


3 Responses to “Maternity Wear Goes Grunge”

  1. 1 Mary

    Maternity wear has become fashionable today and it is not restricted to the celebrities. Every woman has the right to look gorgeous during this beautiful period of her life. Gap has understood the need of the pregnant woman and has come out with the finest range of maternity wear. I just bought some for myself and couldn’t have been happier. The discount of upto 40% makes it easy on the pocket too. Just log onto and get your discount coupons today.

  2. Very nice and useful article on maternity wear. keep posting.

  3. 3 ellen

    Dude, that’s not grunge in the slightest.

    Checks and paisley don’t make something grunge. Infact, checks were only “grunge” because the point of grunge clothes was that the grungers were so poor they shopped at thrift stores and most of the people in Aberdeen and Seattle were lumberjacks who wore plaid hense why the thrift stores -where REAL grungers shop- were full of it.

    I hate “grunge” coming in to fashion. Fashion is ANTI-grunge. People are getting it all wrong!

    I could rant more about this but I’m too tired to do so.

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