Autumn/Winter 2009 Fashions


Ok, we don’t want to alarm anyone unduly but we are heading pretty fast into the end of August, meaning that Autumn is just around the corner. Indeed, many of the top fashion retailers have had their Autum/Winter 2009 line-up ready for several months, including Dororthy Perkins.

It seems that everyone from Susan Boyle to Harry Potter Starlet Emma Watson is set to influence high street fashion for this season – it also seems like womens dresses are going to feature prominently this season.

What do you think will be the most popular fashion item this winter?


2 Responses to “Autumn/Winter 2009 Fashions”

  1. I think that trench coats will sell very well this autumn, especially since Emma Watson is modeling for Burberry.

  2. 2 LouLaBelles

    All ugg boots should be burned!!!!! so unfashionable!

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