Maxi Dresses Online Guide: What Are They!?


In response to our last post that dresses seem to be bouncing back big time this Autumn/Winter season, we thought that it would be useful to analyse one of the most popular styles at the moment, and produce this handy maxi dresses online guide!

What exactly IS a Maxi Dress?

Obviously ‘Maxi’ is an abbreviation for ‘Maximum’ which in the case of Maxi Dresses seems to stand for ‘Maximum Comfort’ and ‘Maximum Style’ (and possibly ‘Maximum Length’). The essential elements of the Maxi Dress are a long body, with no shoulders or sleeves (although there are variations) – materials used are often light and airy which gives them a flowing and elegant quality which is perfect for lounging about in the summer sun.

Why are Maxi Dresses so popular?

Partially on the back of some high-profile celebrity endorsments from the like of Jessica Alba, Maxi Dresses began to filter in volumes onto High Street shelves in late 2007. They quickly gained a foothold as they are comfortable and relaxing to wear, as well as being a very adaptable garment that can be worn with a variety of different footwear types, and complementary tops (Jackets and Cardigans).

How do we wear Maxi Dresses then?

There is definitely a degree of care that must be taken when choosing your Maxi Dress – there is some potential for a Fashion Slip-Up if the dress is either too-big (Tent-Factor) or Too Small (tightness loses the Maxi effect). Here’s a few tips…

  1. Locate a dress which has a fitted style around the chest region – this will mean that the dress shapes itself to your body, rather than loosely hang off – not recommended
  2. If you have a slightly larger body-type than average, try not to buy a Maxi that has a great volume or is fabric-rich, they can look rather bulky and unflattering
  3. Unless you are really looking for a hippy-grunge-style then don’t pair your dress with an oversized coat or long sweater

There seems to be a percieved notion that because you may have a shorter frame then you can’t get away with wearing a Maxi Dress, this isn’t actually the case – you just have to construct the outfit with a bit more care! For instance, its probably not the best idea to buy a Maxi that is too long and why not couple your dress with a chunky heel, which will give you the little boost required – trust us it can be done and looks great.

Show us some examples then!

Without any futher ado, here’s some Maxi Dresses that we are big fans of at the moment

Tiana B Maxi Dress

Tiana B Maxi Dress

Juicy Couture - Pink Maxi Dress

Juicy Couture - Pink Maxi Dress

TopShop Pattern Maxi

TopShop Pattern Maxi

Maxi Dress from Peacocks

Maxi Dress from Peacocks

Smart Maxi from Warehouse

Smart Maxi from Warehouse

We hope that you found this little post useful, please let us know if you have any tips on Maxi Dresses – and show us some of your favourites as well!


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  1. 1 Tabeez

    Those are pretty. Yea I think they would look good on me! 🙂

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