Women’s Winter Coats 2009


Winter is Fast Approaching – Get your Coats

Yes, Winter is just around the corner and with the arrival of cold, late mornings and nights you’ll need a warm comfortable winter jacket for 2009! There is as usual hundreds of different brand names and jacket styles to choose from. Here we are going to select a few that we think are the most stylish and best value for money come this winter 2009.

Budget coat options

As expected, Peacocks have some great women’s coats in their winter range. They have a variety of designs on offer, our favourites include  Parka, Swing coat and Duffle Coats to name a few –  prices range from a very sensible £20.

Grey Button-Up Coat

Grey Button-Up Coat

Peacocks Grey Button-Up Coat

There are also a selection of affordable jackets with some style over at Essentially Girl.
Women’s Puffer Jackets
The Women’s Puffer Jackets are a great buy for a comfortable, warm winter jacket. They can be more expensive, with prices ranging from £30 to £700 – depending what type of puffer jacket you are after – this Ralph Lauren example at Frasers is very smart.

Gap Boucle Jacket

The Gap Boucle Jacket is an excellent choice for a winter jacket. The Boucle Jacket has a “soft nubby wool,” as Gap describes it, and will definitely add some texture to any outfit. The Gap Boucle Jacket is a excellent price for the jacket your buying at $88 must be seen as a bargain compared to other winter jackets that are no where near as good.

Ruffle Front Military Jacket

The Ruffle Front Military Jacket is available in a variety of colours and with a little bit longer length than the other jackets pointed out, this jacket includes a display of ruffles down the front. This is a great winter jacket that can be worn for nights out on the town or either business related so either way you can’t lose.

These are just a few of our options for Winter Outerwear – if you have any suggestions on What to Wear this Winter they would be greatly appreciated.


2 Responses to “Women’s Winter Coats 2009”

  1. Nice post. I really like the Jacket – like some derivative of the Libertines fashion craze from a couple of years ago but with more tailoring and some decent styling. Need a version for slightly fatter like me

  2. You right. The Gap Boucle Jacket is an excellent choice for a winter jacket. Great jacket.

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