Clutch Bags – 10 Of The Best


Christmas is under 5 weeks away and we are already beginning to feel the pressure!


We love shopping as much as the next person, but surely there should be a ban on shops playing Christmas tunes until at least the first week in December. We can’t be alone in thinking that Christmas Shopping has lost any of the ‘atmosphere’ it ever had – it’s being flogged to death by unimaginative shop owners. Its time for us consumers to speak our minds: we know fine well that Christmas is around the corner, at least try and keep it a little bit special!


Anyway, back to the matter in hand, Clutch Bags. These are a great option for a Christmas gift – a chic little item that is a superb accessory to most outfits. What makes Clutches a great Christmas option is that you can adapt to whatever budget that you are willing to spend, if youre looking for a cheap accessory to a larger outfit, there are plenty of options for that, equally if youre looking for something a little bit special, there will be a designer Clutch for you as well (lucky person). So, there are no shortage of options for clutch bags either Online or on High Street – we have scanned both and came up with our top ten Clutch Bags. In no particular order………..


George at Asda Clutch Bag


Clutch Bag from TopShop


Peacocks Clutch Bag

Debenhams (from the Mischa Barton Range)

Mischa Barton Clutch Bag


Jigsaw Clutch Bag

River Island

River Island Clutch


AllSaints Clutch Bag


M&S Clutch Bag


Burberry Clutch Bag

Miu Miu

Miu Miu Clutch Bag

Hopefully  there’s something here that takes your fancy – let us know of any other cool Clutch Bags that are out there!


One Response to “Clutch Bags – 10 Of The Best”

  1. Love the M&S cluth! Be sure to check out this GREAT clutch from Judith Leiber:

    Net-a-porter also have fab clutches 🙂

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