Fashion Colour Trends for Spring/Summer 2010

2010 colours

What will be the colours of 2010?

It’s fashion prediction time of the year again, and today we’ve been thinking about what colours are going be influential over the course of 2010. The ephemeral nature of fashion dictates that each season a new palette of colours will fight to become “the new black”. There are a number of far more illustrious designers and bloggers than us who weigh in with their insight, here are our thoughts on two of them.

Fashion Trendsetter predicts………

Usually when we’re trying to analyse this subject our first stop is Fashion Trendsetter, which consistently hits the spot with regards to what colours and looks are going to be featuring heavily in the upcoming seasons (in this case Spring 2010). As can be seen from the post their four choices for are:

  • Popular Appeal: “vintage patterns and faded 60’s and 70’s Americans colors
  • Ode to nature: “Chalky, light, faded, powder and talcum colors are accompanied by more intense shades of taupe beige and mauve.
  • Light Tech: “green, pink, turquoise, yellow and acidic orange……with greyed tints
  • Southern Folk: “Blazing red and deep violet blend with more neutral shades evoking dry, South American landscapes: “ochres, clays, beiges, cactus greens.

They all sound plausible, but we are already beginning to see “Light Tech” stylings in the High Street.

Pantene Colours 2010

One of the key indicators as to what colours will be dominant throughout the year is the Pantene colour report. This year they are highlighting red, coral and violet shades, along with muted beige, taupe and green. The main winner seems to be turquoise which is a surprise to us, but we will wait and see!

You can download the Pantene Spring 2010 PDF file from here, it is an interesting read.

Pantene Spring 2010

What are your thoughts on the colours of fashion in 2010? Are the Pantene and Fashion Trendsetter articles spot on?


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