Skinny Jeans : Five for 2010


The unstoppable rise of skinny jeans as the dominant fashion item of the last five years looks set to continue throughout 2010 – quite amazing as it seems that everyone on planet Earth seems to own at least three pairs – how can they possibly sell any more! There is now such a variety of styles available that it can sometimes be a little overwhelming, – so most of the time its best to keep things simple (nice guide here) – please bear in mind that we are only choosing the following 5 pairs not for the label or the store, purely because we like the look of  them!

Anyway, these are our top five skinny jeans that should see you happily through 2010! You can see each pair in more detail by clicking on the images………..


Peacocks – £12 for a decent pair of skinny jeans, you can’t really argue with that, a step above Primark for quality and not that behind the mid ranges quality

Skinny Jeans at Peacocks

Peacocks - good budget option

Low-Mid range

Uniqlo £29.99 – Very nice cut, we like them alot – see them in more detail over at the Uniqlo website

Uniqlo Skinny Jeans

Good quality from Uniqlo

River Island £39.99 – Is it just us or has River Island got alot more expensive over the last few years? When they produce a range of denims of this quality though, we don’t mind paying a little extra

Skinny Jeans - River Island

River Island ups the quality

Upper mid range

Diesel £63 – As sold and stylish as ever the Diesel range is great this year – we especially like these ‘Louvley’ Skinnies!

Diesel Skinny Jeans

Silly expensive range

J-Brand – Ok, these will skin you $160 but they are very cool indeed – a number of top celebs are running around with these on!

J Brand Skinny Jeans

Expensive but oh so cool - J-Brand

Well, that’s our tuppence worth! Anyone seen any cool skinny jeans out there? Let us know!


One Response to “Skinny Jeans : Five for 2010”

  1. really nice jeans , i like these new styles

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