Five Maternity Clothing Ranges for Spring Summer 2010


At our stage in life not a week seems to pass without one of our friends or friends spouses or friends of friends announcing that they are bringing a wonderful new life into the world. Good luck with that i tell them, should be fun! Anyway, aside from trivial concerns like actually caring for the development of the child and handling the pregnancy correctly, the biggest concern seems to be

OMG! im going to be fat and frumpy! maternity clothes are horrible!

Well, maybe they were back in our parents days, but things have definitely moved on a bit now – infacty, you could go as far as to say that Maternity Clothes are now (whisper it) somewhat trendy.

For the benefit of our friends (and our beautiful rreaders of course) here are five of our favourite maternity fashion ranges of the Spring Summer 2010 season:

  1. Peacocks maternity clothes have always been a solid option – cheap as chips with some pretty good styles. No doubt there will be more added to the website over the coming weeks as the spring season range comes online.
  2. The Next Maternity range is excellent this season, with a good range of tops and trousers to choose from.
  3. Funky Bump Maternity always have an excellent selection of clothes – this season is no different.
  4. Funmum have a quirky and stylish range of maternity wear, check out their site.
  5. Crave Maternity are an established maternity clothing retailer, well worth a look.

These are some of our selections at the moment – feel free to point us in the direction of any other ranges that you find online.


2 Responses to “Five Maternity Clothing Ranges for Spring Summer 2010”

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