What Clothes to Wear: To The Gym!


Gym Workout Gear

This is the first in a very occassional series where we plan to have a look at ‘What Clothes to Wear’ in a particular activity or circumstance. For this post we are going to give our thoughts on the best clothes to wear at the gym, and some examples of what we’re talking about. Please bear in mind that these are purely based upon our own observations and experience of the gym environment. Anyway, here we go!……


Women – Obviously this all comes down to personal preference, and the type of gym workout that you are doing. It is vital that your top half feels comfortable for your workout. If you are circuit training it probably best to wear seperate tops and bottoms for more flexibility – for body movement classes a one-peice suit may be more sensible. What we would try and avoid most of all is extraneous elements, its best to keep things compact and streamlined in the upper half of the body – avoid baggy tops. These are some examples of gym tops that we like:

Nike Pro Vent - £18

Adidas Cliacool Tank - £25 at JD

Adidas Climacool Tank Top - £25

La Sena - £19

La Senza - £19

Men – What we don’t really like to see at the gym is a guy soaking in sweat with an old, baggy grey cotton T-Shirt on – admittedly this is becoming a rarer occurence with the advent of breathable materials – however, it still happens. So guys, if you absolutely must wear a cotton T-Shirt for an intense workout its probably best to make it either bright white or black, this should limit the ‘sweaty mess’ look! To eliminate this problem completely why not choose from the aforementioned breathable style tops and t-shirts than can be bought for decent prices these days. Contrary to what you may think these don’t have to be tight and body hugging (we urge caution with this look), there are more relaxed fit tops avaialble, here are some choices we would go with:

Berghaus Gore Tex T-Shirt - £19

Nike Base Layer - £17


Women – If you’re working on an intense workout a short style of bottoms is more advisable, we’ve found there’s no real difference between a tight or baggy shorts in this type of exercise. Where short length can become an issue is during a full body movement exercise – looser shorts can tend to buch and become a little uncomfortable, body-hugging materials may be the best bet here. Jogging bottoms are also a good option for this type of exercise. Some choice womens gym bottoms of ours:

Adidas Dance Short - £20

Nike Capri 3/4 Pant - £25

Nike Capri 3/4 pant - £25

Reebok Core Long Pant - £20

Men – Much the same as the ladies actually, beware of the baggy! Here’s some mens bottom choices of ours:

Puma Essential Shorts - £15

Adidas Climacool Short - £25

Adidas Record Sweat Pant - £30


Women – For instense workout sessions we would go with a breathable running shoe, there’s a myriad of choices available (see some of ours below). For a more intenive body workout where your ankles are going to be under pressure a pair of boots is probably the best bet – you can’t go wrong withg a pair of Reebok Classics:

Adidas Workout Low - £45

Reebok Classics - around £45

Men – Breatable, lightweight running shoes are best for men – if you’re partaking in activities that require more support a ‘cross-trainer’ style shoe is what you need. Beware of ‘high’ boots, they can be rather unweidly.

Ascis Gel Structure - £65

Well, thanks for reading this rather long post – hopefully we have made some sense and provided you with some ideas on what to wear to the gym.

Most of these products can be found on the leading sports retailers websites, JJB, JD Sports, LaSenza and Amazon UK.

Have fun working out!


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