Fashion Industry Links


Looking to get into the fashion industry? If you are then you may find some useful information contained within these links……

Studying Fashion – UK Degree Courses

Here are some of the top courses in the UK for those wanting to study fashion:

Careers advice and jobs in fashion

These sites provide a wealth of information on careers within the fashion industry as well as featuring job opportunities:

Professional Organisations

These are a few of the regulatory bodies for the fashion industry in the UK

Fashion industry websites

These sites are where the latest fashion industry news breaks and where the top names in the industry speak:

Fashion social networking

Follow the latest styles with these sites, from user-generated to looks from some of the top designers – these sites are where you should look for inspiration:

Hopefully there aren’t too many links for you here! – we’re sure that there is some valuable information on these sites whatever you might be looking for in the fashion industry. If there are any other links that you feel should be included please let us know.


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  1. 1 Jayne

    Oh i love this blog AS it’s so my ind of dresses

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