It’s hat time of year.


The sun has started shining this past week, and in the last twenty-four hours has gotten pretty intense – all the more reason to break out the sunblock or stay indoors and make like a vampire.

Why? Well, because too much sun is bad for us. It dries out the skin, it ages the skin over time, and it’s generally best to keep out of the strong sunlight – unless of course you are sunblocked at every exposed skin area.

The only problem is that there’s one area we can’t sunblock – the scalp. But as always, there is help at hand in the shape of headwear.

While it might be ok to sport the kind of outre headgear seen yearly at Ascot (some great examples here on Preppy Princess’ blog) if you are actually at Ascot, the rest of us have to make do with something a bit more understated and dare we say, stylish.

Try an online fashion store for ideas, or see what’s on offer on the high street, but above all, be smart and keep that head covered from the rays!


One Response to “It’s hat time of year.”

  1. Really. whatever the weather. i love a good hat 😀

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