Maternity Times


Buying maternity clothes can often be a daunting prospect for many people. It’ s another hassle in a world with so much needing to be organised. And also it’s strange to contemplate wearing clothes that are different from normal during the maternity months.

But shopping for maternity clothes doesn’t have to be a long boring slog. And it doesn’t mean spending the maternity months going around in a hippy kaftan either. In fact there are so many stylish maternity clothes available that there’s been concern from some quarters that the clothes will encourage pregnancy so that people can wear the clothes! While I doubt this is the case, it’s definitely true that maternity clothes are now seen as equally stylish to their non-maternity counterparts, with a host of pregnant celebs singing their praises and recommending their favourites.

How far we’ve come since the days of nylon jeans with an elastic front, and smpck-like tops that looked more suited to an eccentric artist’s studio than a high street shop.

The other change with maternity clothes is of course that they are so easy to find online these days. Where once there were only a handful (if that) of high street retailers with a specialist maternity department, there are now many places on the internet where clothes can be browsed, selected and purchased with ease. And, of course, without pressure. Gone are the days of having to rush round town, against the parking meter’s clock, darting in and out of shops, and sometimes feeling compelled to buy just because time was short or choice was narrow. How utterly old-fashioned, nay, quaint that seems now, in this digital age where the largest fashion mall in the universe (internet) is accessible from our kitchen table. No stress, no fuss, no hassle, no travel, no parking the car in the rain, no traffic jams – just make a cup of tea or coffee and choose your clothes at leisure. Bliss!

Then of course when you’re done wearing your maternity clothes you could always sell them via an auction site or donate them to charity, doing your bit for the environment while helping others out, so everybody wins.

Style, comfort, affordability and choice have all come together in the world of maternity clothing lately. Make the most of it while you can – it’s a competitive marketplace with much to offer, meaning that you will be spoiled for choice.


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