What clothes to wear…to a gig?


Second post in our occasional series outlining what to wear at certain events. This time we’ve chosen to do gig gear. Now, we’re not talking about opera here, or famous band plays stadium type gigs, as these events are seated and the practicalities are different. Festivals are different again. I think what we’re trying to say is that by ‘gig’ we mean your loud, beer-splashed, crowded standing room only type of affair at cool venues like King Tut’s or the Roadhouse.

These places can get a bit hot, so it’s probably best not to wrap up too warm for the journey in otherwise you’ll be sweltering even before the support band leaves the stage. The best advice here would be to wear light clothing and get a taxi to the gig and one back home. If this isn’t possible, make sure you’ve got a coat that is warm outside but breathable indoors, like a leather jacket or good quality parka.

Style-wise at gigs pretty much anything goes so use your imagination. But you might want to wear sturdy footwear as you don’t want people stepping on your toes in a crowd, or worse, a mosher’s foot landing on your big toe. Ouch. So, no high heels or gym shoes, thanks.

Choose your t-shirt wisely and make sure it fits the vibe of the gig. For some reason it’s often (but not always) naff to wear the actual t-shirt of the band you’re going to see. A good rule of thumb here is that the louder/ more rockular the band, the more ok it is to be seen at the gig in the band’s t-shirt. But the more arty/ indie the band, the less cool.

However, it’s always cool to buy a t-shirt from the merch desk on the way out. The merch desk is often run by the singer or guitarist’s impoverished cousin or high-school bezzie mate, so you’re actually doing some real economic good by supporting the band’s merch desk.

Other than that, all I can really say is jeans. Jeans is kind of a gig uniform, but of course there are also a lot of rock chick/indie chick dresses out there. Get on the blogs and the band’s website and get a feel for what kind of thing their fans wear. For some bands this is easier than others. The Goth look is always easily achieved. The Belle & Sebastian look, less so.

But above all, enjoy yourself. Even if you’re at the gig en route from a wedding reception and dressed in formal clothes, nobody’ll really notice, – they’re too into the music to be critiquing the apparel of fellow gig-goers.

One Response to “What clothes to wear…to a gig?”

  1. 1 mireee

    “The Goth look is always easily achieved. The Belle & Sebastian look, less so.”. Going to the B&S gig tomorrow in Manchester. Aaahh… FML.

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