Evening all! Women’s evening dresses online all the time…


Great though most of our  high street fashion retailers are, there are always a few perennial problems with clothes shopping.

1. When you’ve got the time to shop, so does most of the rest of the world. Cue lengthy queues, and the sods’ law effect: just when you’re in a hurry and need to get back to the car before your parking time expires, there’s always someone at the front of the queue with some enquiry or item return so massively convoluted that it takes all available assistants and the manager to sort it out. meanwhile there you are, patiently grinding your teeth and shiftung your weight from one foot to the other.

2. You saw the dream item yesterday but didn’t have time to go in and purchase. You go up to the rack, and there it is, in multiple numbers. For every size. Except, of course, yours. The assistant thinks they might get a new delivery next Tuesday, but it’s out of their hands whether the warehouse will have any more of your size just yet.

3. Price confusion – that item you drooled over for days and paid £75 for, and then suddenly some short time after you purchased, de-tagged and sported, a squadron of mid-season sale graphics descend upon the racks, proclaiming your garment now 70% off. Grrrrr…? Yes. Definitely “grrrrr…”

Luckily in our laptoppy, smartphone-ish, tech-savvy times there is an alternative. At the drop of a hat, or more accurately the click of a mouse, you can get WHAT YOU LIKE IN AN INSTANT. Much less stress, but what goes in the sale later still can’t be predicted. You could use a magic 8 ball, but results are less than accurate.

So, must-buy occasion gear like women’s evening dresses no longer need to be hunted down over the course of a fraught Saturday afternoon. Just put the kettle on and flex your mouse hand, ready for that vital click…


One Response to “Evening all! Women’s evening dresses online all the time…”

  1. It is so true. Things have changed a lot in recent years and for the better.

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