What clothes to wear: in the time of recession


Mass production and distribution coupled with mass information (via internet) have meant that style and fashion have become ever-more democratized in the past few years. If you were to go back 100 years, or even 50 years, the style and fashion of each city would differ more than it does now, and a country dweller would be instantly identifiable when they ventured into town. These days though, people from Shetland all the way down to the Isle of Wight have access to all the same stuff – and much of it isn’t too heavy on the pocket.

Is this a good thing? of course it is. The old days when you had to travel to a major city to get decent clothes might have meant that the cities had a bit more style kudos, but it wasn’t by design, it was down to the reaches of distribution being more limited back in the day. It is a good thing because it means more people are more educated about clothes and a better dressed country is a better country.

But finding good clothes that are cheap isn’t always so easy – the supermarkets do their own brands which can often be very low priced and there are the discount stores which, if you’re in the mood for a long trawl, can provide you with the occasional good garment.

On the high street, the department stores always have a good range but they don’t do budget, which leaves the store chains that sell clothes at a good price actually being quite few. As I said above though, the internet is the game-changer here though, so even if there is only one chain that you like, it’s available twenty four hours a day through your laptop.

I think in a recession the most sensible thing to do is never, ever pay ever the odds for anything. It can be tempting to spend £40 on a t-shirt because you like its wee sewn-on monkey logo. But in terms of build it won’t differ that much from an £8 garment elsewhere.


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