Brand or non-brand? Logo or no-logo?


Sometimes only brand will do. A favourite make of something where you feel that nothing else comes close. Some people would only ever eat Kellogg’s cornflakes. Me, I prefer the cheap ones, as I actually can’t tell much difference between them and the value brands. Or what difference there is between doesn’t necessarily make the brand ones better. And so it is with clothes – some people only buy M&S pants. I never buy M&S pants- they may be the nations favourite underwear but I never go into M&S unless it’s to buy pies, so I get my grundies from elsewhere.

In his book Bonfire of the Brands, author Neil Boorman went as far as rejecting branded goods completely. It might be an extreme measure, but it doesn’t half make an intersting video. Before going brand-free, Boorman burns all his branded goods. This bit is painful to watch, but the way he addresses his Blackberry before carbonizing it is hilarious:


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