Peacocks Value Fashion Range Wows Editors In Style


Some cool coverage in some of the highest profile newspaper and magazine titles this week, Peacocks’ value fashion offer continues to be a big hit with the nation’s fashion editors as well the fashion-buying public.
Peacocks’ brilliant week in the fashion limelight was given a boost with an some eye-catching item from Pearl Lowe featuring in The Sun’s popular ‘wish list’ regular column.
The widely read Real people magazine carries a feature this week on how to smarten up, with an appearance by Peacocks stylish and understated court shoes – perfect for any occasion where a little ‘shoe decorum’ is required, or just for the fun of putting real style in your step.
Young clothes conscious weekly magazine Style has a big recommend this week in the shape of Peacocks patterned leggings, signalled as a must have of the season. And some great coverage in Wales and the North West of England, with the Wigan Evening Post and the South Wales echo clearly feeling the Pearl Lowe effect : the headlines Impressed By Budget Dress and Pearl’s Dress Is A Real Gem pretty much say it all! This item has swept the board since its launch just over a week ago at the London Connaught – and caught the imagination of everyone in the UK and even, reportedly, a famous name from across the Atlantic – rock musician Courtney Love.
And finally Peacocks military-inspired coat got a big salute from the Halifax Evening Courier in its fashion pages, with the item shown to its maximum gorgeous effect.
A bumper week in the magazines and fashion pages from Peacocks, and with the part season just about to begin, we expect more great coverage to appear in the coming weeks!


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