The new designers: a UK clothes revolution?


I don’t know when this trend started – possibly with Kate Moss doing a clothes range. The first thing that marked Moss’s (successful) venture out was that it wasn’t a vanity exercise: it was a commercial endeavour. The second thing that Kate Moss’s stuff was well priced and aimed at real people with an interest in fashion rather than some exclusive club who can spend £2500 on a jacket.

Pearl Lowe may not have been as famous as Moss, having worked in music before she got into fashion, but her work with the Peacocks chain has definitely brought acclaim from all quarters. Helped in no small measure by the star quality of the model for her collection, daughter Daisy, Pearl Lowe has also made stylish clothes for the affordable end of the market – which is where the interesting things are happening right now.

Other notable individuals who are part of the new designers phenomenon are Fearne Cotton, who made her name as a television presenter and DJ, and now has a successful clothing range. And who could forget Pete Doherty of The Libertines and later Babyshambles, who recently unleashed his Albion Trinketry range of jewellery in collaboration with jeweller Hannah Martin.

The success of the new designers depends not on their ‘celeb’ status but on the quality and pricing of the clothing (and accessories). And so far it all looks like it’s going very well.


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