pricewise: womens clothes vs mens clothes


Generally, women buy more clothes than guys do and as a result women’s clothes are lower in price than mens clothes – because they buy about four or five times as many items as a bloke does.

But in terms of relative pricing, things are beginning to change as men are now sold fast fashion and more often want something new to wear on a night out. It’s altered days from the long since era when a night out just meant throwing on an old sweatsirt and jeans then heading off down the boozer.

Design technology, supply chain management technology, improved communications – all of these things mean that fashion is no longer something that develops slowly. New looks and styles can hit the streets much faster than before.

That’s not to say that the old favourite type garments won’t endure. There will always be a place for the more traditional clothes we all sometimes like to wear such as plain jumpers and so on.

Even despite the tough economic conditions the country faces, we are still in a golden age of fashion. And long may it continue.

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