Maternity clothes – the new style genre


Now that there’s more TV channels than ever, multiplex cinemas, magazines, websites, mobile phones to read websites on … pretty much more of everything in terms of media – it’s pretty much no wonder that many people are celebrity obsessed. Celebrity obsession takes many forms – from pop music to football to film to fashion to politics, and there are dedicated websites, magazines and cable TV shows to sate even the most enthusiastic celeb-obsessor’s hunger for celebrity news fixes.

A recent trend in celeb-watching, celeb-blogging, celeb-papping has been the rise of pregnant celeb fashion blogging. No, I don’t mean famous expectant mothers blogging on fashion, I mean people blogging about the maternity styles worn by famous women. And, of course, the news on all the latest celeb hatches.

A cool example of the latter is which has more info on this stuff than anyone could possibly ever need. Blogwise, although sadly it’s lain dormant for a few months) shows how to turn on the maternity style.

All of which just goes to show just how much the maternity clothes market has changed lately. It’s become proper fashion, not just some kind of a secondary stopgap, a fashion genre in its own right. And rightly so.

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