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Big trend on the catwalks lately has been a kind of retro 1970s revival thing going on. Even the hair is back. Somehow though I don’t think that the actual flared trouser will come back in to fashion – when times are tough economically it doesn’t make sense to use all that cloth. Apart from […]

The Pearl Lowe clothing collections for Peacocks have all been very successful, with the designer’s winter 2010-11 collection gathering plaudits everywhere from the fashion pages to daytime television, and there were also stories of celebrities clamouring for these smart designs when they were released late last year. Pearl Lowe’s daughter Daisy has seen the success […]

Generally, women buy more clothes than guys do and as a result women’s clothes are lower in price than mens clothes – because they buy about four or five times as many items as a bloke does. But in terms of relative pricing, things are beginning to change as men are now sold fast fashion […]

I don’t know when this trend started – possibly with Kate Moss doing a clothes range. The first thing that marked Moss’s (successful) venture out was that it wasn’t a vanity exercise: it was a commercial endeavour. The second thing that Kate Moss’s stuff was well priced and aimed at real people with an interest […]

Lowe Update!


Back in…when was it again? … late October, we posted about the new Pearl Lowe collection for Peacocks. Well, the new collection finally launched on Sunday and it looks like it’s gone viral in the national press – just about every major title has either featured the range or at the very least shown a […]

If you thought catwalk models had an easy life: think again. In this video Sasha Pivovarova tells it like it is – you have to do a lot of walking and not fall over.

Looking to get into the fashion industry? If you are then you may find some useful information contained within these links…… Studying Fashion – UK Degree Courses Here are some of the top courses in the UK for those wanting to study fashion: Central St Martins College London College of Fashion American Intercontinental University (London […]