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The Pearl Lowe clothing collections for Peacocks have all been very successful, with the designer’s winter 2010-11 collection gathering plaudits everywhere from the fashion pages to daytime television, and there were also stories of celebrities clamouring for these smart designs when they were released late last year. Pearl Lowe’s daughter Daisy has seen the success […]

Generally, women buy more clothes than guys do and as a result women’s clothes are lower in price than mens clothes – because they buy about four or five times as many items as a bloke does. But in terms of relative pricing, things are beginning to change as men are now sold fast fashion […]

With some UK cities experiencing a drop in the mercury so low that it’s actually properly cold rather than just a bit parky, we though we’d do a quick round up of essential gear for the next few days: What else? A heavy coat, waterproof trousers, and maybe some mountain climbing grade gloves. Roll on […]

Lowe Update!


Back in…when was it again? … late October, we posted about the new Pearl Lowe collection for Peacocks. Well, the new collection finally launched on Sunday and it looks like it’s gone viral in the national press – just about every major title has either featured the range or at the very least shown a […]

Here at What Clothes To Wear we are today awarding our Best Dressed of 2010 prize. The prize consists of, err. a mention on this page. Drum roll please: BEST DRESSED WOMAN OF 2010 CHERYL COLE Always ultra-stylish, never dull, and an inspiration to quality dressers everywhere. BEST DRESSED MAN OF 2010 PAUL WELLER The […]

Sometimes only brand will do. A favourite make of something where you feel that nothing else comes close. Some people would only ever eat Kellogg’s cornflakes. Me, I prefer the cheap ones, as I actually can’t tell much difference between them and the value brands. Or what difference there is between doesn’t necessarily make the […]

To celebrate the Autumn, we’ve gotten a poll together. In terms of women’s coats, what’s your favourite type?




The sun has started shining this past week, and in the last twenty-four hours has gotten pretty intense – all the more reason to break out the sunblock or stay indoors and make like a vampire. Why? Well, because too much sun is bad for us. It dries out the skin, it ages the skin […]