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The world of fashion and retail is not always the most welcoming when it comes to job searching, which is why it is so nice to find out that high street retailer Peacocks are embarking upon a recruitment drive to help encourage potential new employees. Peacocks have teamed up with The Sun to take part […]

The Spring/Summer 2011 Pearl Lowe range of dresses has just arrived online at the Peacocks website. We are a big fan of this seasons designs (and we’re not alone), we think that these will be pretty rapid sellers. What does everyone think of the new designs? Let us know your thoughts 🙂

Top clothes retailer’s Breast Cancer Awareness Week wellingtons set to make a splash. Top UK fashion retailer Peacocks got a publicity boost for its Cancer Research UK logo wellington boots this week. National UK newspaper The Sun featured the boots in their paper’s fashion page along with some other great garments in the Cancer Research […]

The sun has started shining this past week, and in the last twenty-four hours has gotten pretty intense – all the more reason to break out the sunblock or stay indoors and make like a vampire. Why? Well, because too much sun is bad for us. It dries out the skin, it ages the skin […]

UPDATE – The Pearl Lowe range is now available to buy online over at Peacocks. Last years range of Pearl Lowe dresses for Peacocks were excellent and sold by the bucketload. Well, the good news is that Pearl is back with a new collection for Spring/Summer 2010, and we are lucky enough to have these […]

The unstoppable rise of skinny jeans as the dominant fashion item of the last five years looks set to continue throughout 2010 – quite amazing as it seems that everyone on planet Earth seems to own at least three pairs – how can they possibly sell any more! There is now such a variety of […]

Christmas is under 5 weeks away and we are already beginning to feel the pressure! ***WARNING CHRISTMAS SHOPPING RANT AHEAD*** We love shopping as much as the next person, but surely there should be a ban on shops playing Christmas tunes until at least the first week in December. We can’t be alone in thinking […]

Look im a guy – ive got no right at all really to comment on Maternity Fashion, it’s designed for a specific need. However, recently ive been quite taken aback by some of the Maternity Wear that is popping up on the high street shelves (i have a few mates who are currently preggers). When […]

No doubt by now you will have read several hundred posts on this very topic – every blogger worth their salt out there is trying to point you in the right direction of what to wear this summer. Never been shy of jumping on a bandwagon when it comes rolling past, we thought that we […]