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Read in the news over the past week that at Peacocks clothes, flat shoes are outselling heels. This is actually a pretty major story in a way. I mean, we thought that heels sales would tower over flats sales forever. This footwear sea-change has been brought about in part by the success of Darren Aronofsky’s […]

With some UK cities experiencing a drop in the mercury so low that it’s actually properly cold rather than just a bit parky, we though we’d do a quick round up of essential gear for the next few days: What else? A heavy coat, waterproof trousers, and maybe some mountain climbing grade gloves. Roll on […]

Second post in our occasional series outlining what to wear at certain events. This time we’ve chosen to do gig gear. Now, we’re not talking about opera here, or famous band plays stadium type gigs, as these events are seated and the practicalities are different. Festivals are different again. I think what we’re trying to […]

This is the first in a very occassional series where we plan to have a look at ‘What Clothes to Wear’ in a particular activity or circumstance. For this post we are going to give our thoughts on the best clothes to wear at the gym, and some examples of what we’re talking about. Please […]