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You’ve placed your bet on Kate’s possible dresses, you’ve hung your bunting and set the Sky Plus – but with just one day to go what will you be wearing to celebrate the Royal Wedding? Unfortunately many of us don’t have as grand a budget (or venue) as Kate Middleton, but the good news is […]

Big trend on the catwalks lately has been a kind of retro 1970s revival thing going on. Even the hair is back. Somehow though I don’t think that the actual flared trouser will come back in to fashion – when times are tough economically it doesn’t make sense to use all that cloth. Apart from […]

It’s that time of year when all the television ads are about self-improvement: detox plans, vitamin tablets, exercise gear, herbal tea. January has become the month of health and wellbeing. And if my Christmas was anything to go by, a bit of healthy eating is welcome at this juncture after the endless Christmas meals full […]

Here at What Clothes To Wear we are today awarding our Best Dressed of 2010 prize. The prize consists of, err. a mention on this page. Drum roll please: BEST DRESSED WOMAN OF 2010 CHERYL COLE Always ultra-stylish, never dull, and an inspiration to quality dressers everywhere. BEST DRESSED MAN OF 2010 PAUL WELLER The […]

Second post in our occasional series outlining what to wear at certain events. This time we’ve chosen to do gig gear. Now, we’re not talking about opera here, or famous band plays stadium type gigs, as these events are seated and the practicalities are different. Festivals are different again. I think what we’re trying to […]

Cheers to the Guys @ cheap clothes rule for letting me know that Peacocks Clothes are doing free delivery for a limited time – I wish it was for longer but the free delivery is only available until the 28th of August 2008. If you spend £40 you get free delivery (delivery normally costs £3.95). […]

Over at Fashion Trendsetter they’ve been putting palletes of colours for female fashion online for a while now. I find these really great guides to what colours go well together. If you want to have a look the Spring/Summer 2008 selection is here. Thankfully I avoided the whole ‘new rave’ stuff that was going about […]