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You’ve placed your bet on Kate’s possible dresses, you’ve hung your bunting and set the Sky Plus – but with just one day to go what will you be wearing to celebrate the Royal Wedding? Unfortunately many of us don’t have as grand a budget (or venue) as Kate Middleton, but the good news is […]

The Spring/Summer 2011 Pearl Lowe range of dresses has just arrived online at the Peacocks website. We are a big fan of this seasons designs (and we’re not alone), we think that these will be pretty rapid sellers. What does everyone think of the new designs? Let us know your thoughts 🙂

In response to our last post that dresses seem to be bouncing back big time this Autumn/Winter season, we thought that it would be useful to analyse one of the most popular styles at the moment, and produce this handy maxi dresses online guide! What exactly IS a Maxi Dress? Obviously ‘Maxi’ is an abbreviation […]

Ok, we don’t want to alarm anyone unduly but we are heading pretty fast into the end of August, meaning that Autumn is just around the corner. Indeed, many of the top fashion retailers have had their Autum/Winter 2009 line-up ready for several months, including Dororthy Perkins. It seems that everyone from Susan Boyle to […]

After the dampest August I can remember it’s now freezing. Absolutely Baltic in temperature – OK I exaggerate its about 13°C but it’s still too damn cold to wear a nice dress. I don’t mean a nice airy summery frock that catches the breeze just any kind of dress that doesn’t look dull or boring. […]