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I hadn’t seen a pair of flares since the Madchester revival night at the local disco in 2006. Rave on!

Second post in our occasional series outlining what to wear at certain events. This time we’ve chosen to do gig gear. Now, we’re not talking about opera here, or famous band plays stadium type gigs, as these events are seated and the practicalities are different. Festivals are different again. I think what we’re trying to […]

Jean genie


Enough already about skinny jeans everyone. We all like them, sure, but there are other types of jeans out there, people? Yes, there certainly are. Why not mix it up a bit and wear some bootcut jeans… … or some cropped jeans… or if the sunshine stays awhile longer, why not get some of these…there’s […]

The unstoppable rise of skinny jeans as the dominant fashion item of the last five years looks set to continue throughout 2010 – quite amazing as it seems that everyone on planet Earth seems to own at least three pairs – how can they possibly sell any more! There is now such a variety of […]

Shopping For Jeans Having spent the last couple of days researching the Jeans market, both on the High Street and On-Line i have found a few favourites that would definitely work with a number of combinations this summer. The range of styles from many of the top high street stores can be overwhelming, therefore i […]