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Now that there’s more TV channels than ever, multiplex cinemas, magazines, websites, mobile phones to read websites on … pretty much more of everything in terms of media – it’s pretty much no wonder that many people are celebrity obsessed. Celebrity obsession takes many forms – from pop music to football to film to fashion […]

Maternity clothes should do theree things: Be comfortable Be stylish Be value for money Now, by value for money we don’t mean cheap, necessarily, but something that’s designed to be worn for only a few months should hardly be mega-expensive. By stylish, what we mean is just that: style is about confidence, it’s about things […]

Do stylish maternity clothes really exist? I decided, on the back of Clair getting pregnant, that I’d do a post on maternity clothing and see if there is such a thing as stylish maternity clothes. I’m convinced they must as the world is full of yummy mummys wearing very nice clothes during pregnancy but if […]